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Two Rare Clandestine Industries Hoodies on eBay [Wed: 01.25.17 @ 8:46pm]

Don't know if anyone still checks this comm but just thought I'd put it out there that I have two limited edition hoodies up for sale on eBay.

Lion Hoodie

Valentine/Candy Hearts Hoodie

Looking for Clandestine Industries necklace [Fri: 01.23.15 @ 6:30pm]

I've been wanting one for ages but now they are uber hard to find :(
PM me if you are selling or know someone who is selling one,pretty please.

clandestine necklace

selling... [Sun: 06.15.14 @ 5:47pm]

i see no one has been on here for awhile, but i figured i would still post this here, because i don't know where else to post clan items other than ebay????

i'm moving across the country and wanna sell this stuff. some clan some fob. will sell for cheap. please just lmk if you want anything! we'll work something out

M blue camo clan hoodie
M valentine's day/candy heart purple clan hoodie
S blue/green every lil thing hoodie
M i'm as happy as a... shirt 59/250 signed by pete and dejesus of GCH (never worn)
L the world is my... shirt 1/250 (never worn)
M sorry i was raised by... 111/250 (never worn)
S chicago skyline clan tank signed by joe and pete (never worn)
M folie a deux FOB grey tshirt
M blue dance dance FOB tshirt
L red leave me alone clan shirt
M brown/green FOB tshirt (with a moon and power lines?)
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Looking for Clandestine Ind. Hoodies [Fri: 07.26.13 @ 5:17am]

Does anyone have any clandestine hoodies to sell? My boyfriend is a huge fan, and I am hoping to buy him a hoodie or two for his birthday coming up.

animal cracker hoodie [Tue: 03.19.13 @ 8:20pm]

so i'm selling this blue animal cracker hoodie because it's too small. I bought it new on ebay (though it looks as though its been worn once or twice) not realizing that it was a junior's/women's small and not unisex. I never wore it. only tried it on. Anyone interested?
Clan hoodie
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[Fri: 07.06.12 @ 9:41pm]

Looking to sell my original 2005 Bartskull Necklace


Back of NecklaceCollapse )

Make me an offer here or you can pm me. I have feedback from gaugetrade in my memories.
I will ship worldwide. I prefer paypal but CC will work if need be. Thanks :)
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LOOKING FOR [Mon: 04.30.12 @ 1:32am]

Clandestine Indaseas Anchor xs female/male
and clandestine blue animal cracker hoodie small/medium.

message me!

Don't Let The Bastards Keep You Down [Thu: 04.05.12 @ 10:29pm]

Looks like they've put up a few more items in the new line, JSYK.

Don't Let The Bastards Keep You Down [Fri: 02.24.12 @ 2:26pm]

New line debuted the other day for anybody here who is still into Clan.

As far as I can see, only 5 new items. Kind of disappointed. WDYT?
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Looking to trade a Clandestine Industries Jet Pack hoodie for a larger size [Sun: 02.12.12 @ 3:13am]

I bought a size small Jet Pack hoodie and the small turned out to be closer to a women's small then the men's small I was expecting. I'm looking to trade it for the same hoodie only in a medium or large instead.
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desperately looking for two things. [Tue: 02.07.12 @ 12:55am]

i need a small blue animal crackers hoodie, and the i am the dreamer you are the dream shirt. my phase with fob and clandestine is finished, but before i leave all these things behind, i want to have this 2 things. i really need it. the shirt must be mens small too =)
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original 2005 bartskull necklace [Fri: 01.20.12 @ 1:29pm]

if anyone has one they'd like to sell (please?) i'd be quite happy to take it off you for a nice price. been looking for it for ages. theskaterkid@gmail if you wanna hit me up directly. thanks.

[Wed: 01.18.12 @ 2:33pm]

I desperately need money right now, so if you're interested in ANY of these things *PLEASE* let me know.

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LOOKING TO BUY A MARAUDER 2.0 HOODIE SIZE SMALL!!!! [Wed: 11.16.11 @ 9:27pm]

I have always wanted this hoodie and when it was available I didn't have the money. I have been looking for it on Ebay but to no avail. If anyone has one and is willing to sell it please let me know!!
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looking for hoodies (with shipping to the uk) [Mon: 10.17.11 @ 5:20pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

Okay so I'm looking for some older Clandestine Hoodies. For sizing a medium would be great but I wouldn't be opposed to a large or small (extra large or extra small I might not be too keen depending on the hoodie) I live in England so I'd need for it to be shipped over here. I don't have a set price so come to me with one and I'll see if I can afford it.

So the hoodies I want are the red with black bartskull

the Stay Gold hoodie

or this grey hoodie/jumper with dark grey bartskull (sorry I don't know the name)

I appreciate they're pretty rare and sought after but if anyone knows where to get these or good places to look I'd be very thankful! (I've already seen a few stay gold hoodies on ebay but they're extra small so I'm looking for other sizes first) I'm trying to buy them this month-ish or at least before christmas so message me right away if you can help, thanks again x


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