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looking for hoodies (with shipping to the uk)

Okay so I'm looking for some older Clandestine Hoodies. For sizing a medium would be great but I wouldn't be opposed to a large or small (extra large or extra small I might not be too keen depending on the hoodie) I live in England so I'd need for it to be shipped over here. I don't have a set price so come to me with one and I'll see if I can afford it.

So the hoodies I want are the red with black bartskull

the Stay Gold hoodie

or this grey hoodie/jumper with dark grey bartskull (sorry I don't know the name)

I appreciate they're pretty rare and sought after but if anyone knows where to get these or good places to look I'd be very thankful! (I've already seen a few stay gold hoodies on ebay but they're extra small so I'm looking for other sizes first) I'm trying to buy them this month-ish or at least before christmas so message me right away if you can help, thanks again x

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