doreeto (kidnamedchicago) wrote in clandestine_ind,


i see no one has been on here for awhile, but i figured i would still post this here, because i don't know where else to post clan items other than ebay????

i'm moving across the country and wanna sell this stuff. some clan some fob. will sell for cheap. please just lmk if you want anything! we'll work something out

M blue camo clan hoodie
M valentine's day/candy heart purple clan hoodie
S blue/green every lil thing hoodie
M i'm as happy as a... shirt 59/250 signed by pete and dejesus of GCH (never worn)
L the world is my... shirt 1/250 (never worn)
M sorry i was raised by... 111/250 (never worn)
S chicago skyline clan tank signed by joe and pete (never worn)
M folie a deux FOB grey tshirt
M blue dance dance FOB tshirt
L red leave me alone clan shirt
M brown/green FOB tshirt (with a moon and power lines?)
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